Inspiration for Weavers


Woven fabric on loomOnce you have warped a loom the first time,  shot the shuttle through the warp, and have seen a beautiful woven project come to life over a series of weeks, you are hooked! There is something incredibly meditative about weaving, as with so many fiber arts. Many of us have taken a project from carding wool to finished fabric; there is something magical about taking raw ingredients fueled by your imagination and creating a finished project that is uniquely yours.
Balls and Skeins has on it’s staff a number of people who are seasoned weavers. Many of us have more than one loom. We have always thought that weaving married the urge to collect yarn with loving gorgeous fabric. We can instruct you in warping a loom, whether you want to warp front to back or the more traditional method of threading your heddles from the back to front. We have learned a number of tricks over the years with weaving that we are more than happy to pass along to you.


Weaving Warp Whether you are looking for warping thread, cone yarn, or handspun for your next weaving, we have a scrumptious selection that will inspire your next weaving project.

After you have woven your project, please stop by the store and share your beautiful creation with us. We love when our customers share what they have created with us. The Balls and Skeins staff loves learning from our customers as much as we enjoy teaching, you inspire us!

We want to thank Sandi Wiseheart for allowing us to include her beautiful weaving photos on our website.